YASARGIL Aneurysm Clips are world leaders in brain aneurysm clip treatment. Since its launch, more than 2 million clips have been implanted by thousands of neurosurgeons in more than 80 countries. The surgical treatment of cerebral aneurysm is and will be an important representation as well as an indispensable option in therapy.

Approximately 70% of manufacturing processes are manual. The film offers an insight into the making of the clips at Aesculap. 


– Diferentes modelos 
– Modelo de Clip reforzado.
– Pinzas aplacadoras y removedores
– Double blister Gamma Ray Sterilization.
Box Lock, patented design for better stability and guide of the blades.
- A-traumatic Blade Design with pyramidal print that improves Pressure distribution and prevents damage to the vein wall.

Blade type

– Straight lines.
– Curves.
– Angled.
– Bayonet type.
– Fenestrated.
– T-bar.