CranioFix 2

Cranial fixation system

A distinguishing feature of CranioFix® 2 is its quick and easy application. Get optimal stability and secure fixation.


-New design clamp for better control of placement.

-Excellent biocompatibility.

-Implants in sterile packaging.


CranioFix absorbable

Absorbable polyester material

Fixation maintains 90-95% strength after 8-12 weeks. The implants are completely absorbed after 2-3 years and the material is metabolized by the body. It is indicated for pediatrics and adults. 
Resorbable CranioFix® is supplied sterile and pre-assembled. You do not need additional instruments.


- Low profile flat and smooth surface.
- The prefabricated and automatic closing knot remains in the slit.
- Non-Absorbable Suture.
- High biocompatibility.
- Implants in sterile packaging.


- Position implants.
- Pull the handle
- Cut suture

Place the lower disc of the implant between the dura and the skull.

Place the upper disc and seat the assembly to one side of the craniotomy. 
Place the bone flap in its original position.