Monitor de Presión Intracraneal

Se utiliza en un dispositivo colocado dentro del cráneo. El monitor detecta la presión dentro del cráneo y envía las mediciones a un dispositivo a la grabación.

System that combines the action of the air contained in the Air-Pouch joined by a flexible tube to a pressure transducer located inside the intracranial pressure monitor, together with the electronic measurement system and a filling chamber filling device. air (catheter tip).


Use of the device


Probe 2 

The Air-Pouch is placed between the skull and the dura. It is used postoperatively after a large trepanation.


Probe 3PS

The lumen of the probe transmits the pressure to the ICP monitor.

Se fija con un perno que se atornilla en el hueso craneal.

The Air-Pouch is placed in the parenchyma area.


Probe 3 

Measure intraventricular pressure using the Air-Pouch mounting in the tip area of ​​a dual lumen probe. (One for pressure measurement and one for drainage) the 8F and 10F silver coated probe.

Probe 3xl

Similar to probe 3, but the drainage lumen is larger (3mm); it still has a silver coating.